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flash game reviews weekly

Strategy flash games at coolmathgames.com

Hello! Here’s a review of coolmathgames.com and it’s flash games! I like reviewing flash games in my spare time to achieve the nostalgic feeling of procrastinating in class when I was in elementary school. Of course, this totally hasn’t lead any dire consequences now in my current state of finishing college work. I want to make sure to all those who are reading this that I intend to review these games for the biggest fun factor. These games have to be fun, quick, and short enough for the teacher to not see me close out of it when class is finishing up. The games that I am about to review today are based on the “Strategy” genre of flash games. Hopefully, these games test my skills in becoming an academic student and not a procrastinating alcoholic. So lets begin!

New Strategy Games coolmathgames

The Doctor Cat

This game puts you as a cool cat that is a doctor. It’s made by the dev team that makes the pico-8 games based on other indie developers works. It’s a light puzzle game where you put fruit together to make more dense fruit for more points. I think it works as a fun little distraction, but it’s definitely not my type of game. I like more of the Tetris and Puyo Puyo variety of games and I found this game to be super confusing at first because it doesn’t exactly tell you what you are doing. But I got the idea and it was fun after I played more of it. 7/10


This game is like Tetris, but it pops! You just click blocks that come from the bottom of the level and are rising because more blocks take up the bottom half. It’s really simple and didn’t really tax my brain or anything, maybe they should’ve done a better job trying to make power ups or something because this is super boring and I don’t think it’s that interesting of a game. Just click on groups of colored blocks to get more points and make sure they don’t stack up on the top. Super simple, and super boring. 4/10

The Final Earth 2

The Final Earth 2 is probably the coolest of the flash games I played today. This one has an addicting gameplay loop of production management and growing your empire on a floating island. There’s not that much fighting going on, it’s purely all about the capitalism. I love this game, give it a try! 9/10

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