Heya! This is Ben Mowitz and welcome to my website! I am a Drake student majoring in Digital Media Production and Minoring in Japanese. My career is in video production and audio production. I love film photography, cooking, and mixology.

I’ve been a bartender for 2 years, and I aim to refocus myself on building better representation for people in the service industry through video and audio content in the midwest. As someone who has met and worked with a variety of people who care about their craft; I have inspired myself to drive myself more forward to building connections for those who want to learn and experience the service industry firsthand.

I also love learning and speaking Japanese! One of my biggest ventures I am taking is working into the Jet Program and teaching kids English in Japan. I have studied Japanese ever since high school, and I want to grow more in my language learning skills.

To learn more about what I do, check out my blog!

Film Photography

I love to shoot analogue photography in my spare time. I try to find abstract subjects to shoot, and that helps engage my brain differently than just producing/editing video. Film has a tactile nature that I love to work with compared to digital and helps me understand the fundamentals of photography better. I get my film developed at DSM Film Labs


Video is my passion and I try to engage in all forms of it. One of my biggest goals is to try and focus on working my video through the service industry and help represent the diversity of voices within it. I also love helping on film productions, whether that be student films at my college or my own productions. The students I help with film productions go to Drake University


I’ve worked in the industry for about 3 years now. In these last 3 years I have learned even more about mixology in my routine. I love the creative process of building cocktails and one of my values from bartending is that service I provide to others and the gratification of seeing others enjoy the drinks I make. I’ve one of the best mixology bars in Des Moines; The Bartender’s Handshake

Check out this Spotify playlist I made! I got some various and weird songs on it that you should check out! Put down in the comments if you like it or dislike it!

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